Domain & And Hosting Service In Bangladesh

25 Feb 2022

Domain & And Hosting Service In Bangladesh

Web technology are best web domain & hosting service provider in Bangladesh. We provide domain registration and SSD web hosting service in Bangladesh. We are used USA Data-center and have USA based powerful Hosting server. Our USA located servers help our clients to get secure web hosting service from us. Now we will learn what domain and hosting is and how it works

What is domain?

A domain is the name of a website, such as or, a web site that all Internet users can view through their web browser. Google is the most popular of these websites. The three W’s are world, wid, web and respectively are the original names of that web site. First of all, this web site has an IP address that every web site has. If you want that IP you can see the web site with the address bar of your browser but the problem is you can’t remember the IP address of all the web sites. But if you have a domain name, you can easily remember it.

Domain structure:

Each original domain name has two parts. One has a name and the other has extensions, such as Here google is the domain name and (.com) is the extension. These extensions are selected according to the type of website and organization. Below are some examples of domain extensions according to the type of website. (.com) is the most widely used domain extension. It is usually used for commercial company websites. (.NET) It is used for websites of companies or organizations of one or more networks. .org It is used for the website of an organization or for-profit organization. (.info) It is used for informational or personal web site. (.me) It is usually used for personal portfolio website.

What is Hosting?

If you are thinking of creating a website then you must know what hosting is. Because just like every human being in this world needs a place to stay, in the same way you need a place to have a website in the internet world. That’s when if you want to make a blog, website or app on the Internet, you must first buy a place to put it. And the place to buy is hosting. And wherever you buy space or hosting for your website, it will be called the host of your website.

Having a website of your own is a big deal right now. Again, maintaining the website is not possible for everyone. It is very important to have your knowledge. Two things are required for a website to be successful in the world. Those are Domain and Hosting. Without these two things you can never create a website.

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