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09 Feb 2022

What is web development? How to learn best web design and development in 2022 ?

If you want to know more about How to learn best web design and development in 2022?, if you want to know web design and development or get web development guideline or where you can learn web design and development course, you can read today’s post carefully. Moreover, you can learn more about the differences between web design and web development today.

There are so many types it’s hard to say. If you can be a good quality web designer, you can build a beautiful future. A good web designer has a lot of value in different online marketplaces. At the same time, if you can become a skilled web developer, success will not matter to you. Now let’s discuss web design and development in details.

What Is web Design?

Designing a website is called web design for short. What a website usually looks like depends on the web design. A little more analysis will tell you what the logo of a website will look like, where the logo will sit, where the sidebar of the website will not be left or right, what will be the menu bar, what will be the color of the website, what will be the font size of the website post. Space will be kept for etc.

The work is done through web design, the bottom line is that what we see on a website’s external appearance is determined by web design.

Types of website

There are usually two types of websites
  • Statics Website
  • Dynamic Website

Statics Website

Static website does not have any type of admin panel. In other words, to do any work, you have to work directly through coding. Even when writing a post, you have to put it inside the HTML code. At present there is no such website.

Dynamic Website

Dynamic website has admin panel for working. Basically a Dynamic website is created through web development. Such websites do not require any kind of coding to work normally.

Take this post of mine as an example. I didn’t have to do any HTML or CSS or any other kind of coding to write this post. I created a new post by logging in to Google Blogger with Gmail ID and posted my article without any kind of coding inside the post editor. But the coding work inside the post has been done automatically. This type of website is called dynamic website.

Here Google Blogger has created a dynamic website by web development. And we can use it to share any type of post directly without any kind of coding knowledge. Dynamic website is the process of controlling website design and website content management or content writing through admin panel without coding.

What is Web Development? How to learn best web design and development in 2022?

Web development is the function of making the admin panel of a website functional, from the inside of a website or from the admin panel to the exterior of the website or to content management. That is, the code that is used to perform all the functional functions of a website is called web development. I am making this clearer through examples.

After logging in to Google Blogger, the other options you see, including your blog settings and posts, are done through web development. Moreover, those who use different WordPress themes, must have noticed that after installing a single theme, there are many different features or settings for designing a theme or designing a website. In which the design of the website can be changed just by clicking and a website can be easily customized by clicking and dragging and dropping. These click and drop functions are performed through web development.

We create a website with just a click and think that this is how the website works. In fact, the design of the website that you are clicking, is coded within the website or theme. Basically HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, PHP and many more types of coding are used to make a website easier to work with through web development.

And those who do this web development work. They are called web developers.

Types of web developers

Web developers can generally be divided into three categories according to the type of work

  • Front-End Web developer
  • Back-End Web developer
  • Full-Stack Web developer

Front-End Web developer

Such developers only design the exterior of a website. When a client asks a front end developer to create a website with a specific design, such developers learn the design of the web site from their client and design the website only through HTML and CSS. Such developers do not make the website functional.

Back-End Web developer

A back end developer must have a thorough knowledge of front end development. Because back end development work cannot be done without knowing front end development work. However, such developers do not usually work in front end development. Because it takes a lot of time to do two things at once.

Normally, a back-end developer, created a website admin panel with front-end developer design codes. After creating the admin panel, you don’t have to change the design of that website or write new posts. That is, a back-end developer converts a website into a static website.

To do back end development you must know more different types of coding including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, PHP, Python, Bootstrap. You can’t do back end development work without full experience in all subjects.

Full-Stack Web developer

A developer who can do both front end development and back end development work together is called a full-stack web developer. Such web developers are very experienced in web development and web design work. Moreover, such web developers are in great demand in both online and offline markets.

What you need to know to become a full stack web developer

If you want to be a good web developer you must know many types of programming languages. If you can master all the following programming languages ​​well, you can become an experienced web developer.

  • HTML
  • XML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Joomla

To be an experienced web designer or web developer you need to learn what web development works and how to learn web development work, hopefully you understand that now. At the same time, after learning web development, if you take web development as a career, you will get an idea about the amount of income you can earn.

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